Welcome to WalKING The Wires

WalKING The Wires is a LabVIEW-Themed jump & run game. You can explore four different blockdiagrams and collect kudos to reach the highscore!

About this game

This game is developed for LabVIEW Enthusiasts but is fun to play for anyone. It’s a pure hobby project created without any gamedevelopment background.

Feedback and bugreports are very welcome: calmy.jane@gmail.com



Unpack the complete content of the zip and run Walking The Wires.exe. Move with WASD or Arrow Keys. Play the tutorial and read the help for details.


This software is privatly developed and is in no connection to National Instruments. Feel free to privately use and share this software. For commercial use (e.g. tradeshows), please contact calmy.jane@gmail.com.

Have Fun Playing!